Monday, March 21, 2022

Happy Birthday Dave!!

We celebrated Dave's birthday yesterday and since we were away last week I didn't get around to posting my Dave appreciation post until today.  

Dave had a great year, he joined a golf club which was really the highlight and enjoyed meeting new people and getting out for several rounds of golf.  He did well at work, managing his successful team, and earned the trip to Hawaii, even though it had to be cancelled due to Omicron, but it was still earned!  He strives for personal bests on the Peloton and got into doing more strength classes this year too.  He perfected his pizza dough recipe and brings the fun to everything he does.  His grass in the backyard was his only downfall but he's raring to try it again this year.  He wouldn't be a good Dad unless he had his yard to work on, haha!

Happy 41st Birthday Dave! We love you!

I almost forgot about the annual birthday quiz when I ask the kids questions about their dear dad.  See what they have to say below (with my comments in brackets):

What is something Dad says a lot?

E - Even though you know.  (Yes, this is Dave's go to lyric for any song he's trying to sing but doesn't know the words.)

Q - Lobster (*shrug*)

What makes Dad happy?

E - Me 

Q - Sushi Go (the card game)

What makes him sad?

E - When he doesn’t get a deal (accurate)

Q - When he didn’t get a present from Santa 

How tall is Dad?

E - 6 foot 5 (that's generous)

Q - same answer as Everett 

How old is he?

E - 41

Q - 60 going on 18

What is his favourite food?

E - Shake

Q - Sushi

Does he have a favourite child?

E - Me! And I was the first child so he has had 10 years to love me and only five to love Quinn

Q - It’s Quinn! He hugs me a lot 

If Dad could go anywhere, where would he go?

E - Somewhere without his kids. New York.  

Q - where he went before 

What is his favourite song?

E - the Arkells 

Q - Yeah (I think he was just agreeing with E)

What is his favourite movie?

E - Any Star Wars film 

Q - That’s a hard one, Mandalorian?  

Where was Dad born?

E- Halifax 

Q - From a doctors 

What is his favourite show?

E - Squid Aame, Book of Boba Fett

Q - ? I don't know.

What is Dad afraid of?

E - Getting fired (Aren't we all?)

Q - Getting his house on fire (I think that's what Q thought E meant with his answer, also a good fear.)

How would you describe him to your friends?

E - He’s my dad and he’s strong. (Eye roll, suck up answer).

Q - I love him

Anything else to add?

E - What makes dad angry? Everything 

Q - No, what makes him angry is we fighting. (Good grammar there Q)

  E - Favorrite actor? Ryan Reynolds 

Q - Favourite kind of shoe? Basketball shoe? What for favourite actor, Tom Holland. That’s Spider-Man 

E - That's right Q, how do you know that.

Q - I know him. 

Here are some photos from Dave's birthday celebration on Sunday:


  1. I liked learning more about Dave but why didn't you include that one picture of him from your Day In The Life?!?!?! Also, Q's answers are the best "born from a doctor's" and the last word in that final conversation! Hahaha!!!

    I hope Dave had a great birthday!!!