Thursday, March 3, 2022

Jamaica Trip Recap Part 2

Thanks for coming back for Part 2 of our Jamaican holiday, see the first part here.

Here are some leftover bowling photos I forgot to include them yesterday.

On Saturday our friends were heading home but we got to spend some of the morning with them before their flight.

Thanks for a great time!!

That night we went to the restaurant down by the beach.  It didn't open until 7:00 so we had some time to kill and took some photos by the signs. 

Mug shots?

On Sunday we had our COVID tests scheduled (PCRs required to get back to Canada).  I wrote about the time it took for us to get those here.  Needless to say once that was done, we were happy to be back at the pool with our drinks.

A inflatable slide was set up by the pool in the afternoon.  It was great fun to watch and for the kids so slide down. Dave and I didn't attempt it but many other adults did.

We ate dinner at the buffet that night.

And then the kids joined in with the games and dancing.

And ice cream of course.

On this night, we actually went into the theatre to watch some of the Michael Jackson tribute show.  It was amateur for sure, but great fun, and the dancers were talented!

Our last full day.  I walked down early to grab a cabana and snapped this of the morning light. 

I took my book down to the beach and the kids played in the sand for a bit, and we waded into the water.

Q tired himself out swimming.

We had our best meal at the Caribbean restaurant that night.  The food was delicious and the service was great. 

I thought the decor was beautiful too but this isn't a great photo.

E had fish and chips and enjoyed the plantain chip poked in the middle.

One last round of bowling.  

After we were finished our round the boys were playing around while Dave and I changed our shoes and unfortunately Q dropped a ball on his foot.  It was the 14 pound ball, rather than the 6 pound one he had been bowling with, which is why he dropped it.  I carried him back home and tried to ice his toe, but there wasn't much we could do. Poor Q! (Update, he's doing much better now and isn't limping anymore.)

On our last morning I once again went down to get some chairs and took some photos.   It actually rained on our way to breakfast but cleared quickly for a beautiful morning.

Q was still able to play in the pool even with his hurt toe.

We checked out of our room at noon, got some sandwiches at the coffee shop, and then boarded our bus ready to go back to the airport.

For comparison, see the airport bound bus from our trip in 2017.

We grabbed a late lunch at the Jamaican Bobsled Restaurant at the airport. 

And then home.

Canada has changed its pre-arrival testing requirements, so now only antigen tests are required, and of course other countries have their own testing requirements for now.  Although annoying and stress-inducing, it was still worth it for me to get away on a holiday.  We definitely felt safe both while travelling and at the resort and protected with our multiple vaccines. Overall, a successful trip!