Thursday, March 24, 2022

Quebec Trip Recap Part 2

Continuing on with the second part of our trip. See part one here.

After three full days of skiing we decided to start out with a slow morning and hit the slopes for night skiing starting at 3:00 pm instead.  

Pancakes and bacon for breakfast. 

Even though we were supposed to be taking a break, all of the parents did some work in the morning and then I went over to the hill to see if I could pre-load our passes for that night (I could not).  I did get to listen to President Zelenskyy's address to the Canadian Parliament and bought Q some new goggles, so not a complete waste of time!

Meanwhile the kids had some hot tub time

And video game time. 

Back to the top of Bromont!

Hot chocolate and beer break!

There go our speed demons!

It is never possible to catch a good photo of sunset, trust me it was beautiful.

We had planned to eat dinner at the hill but nothing seemed to be open, a missed opportunity for them, and we were too late for St. Hubert drive thru. So we grabbed some things at IGA (Kraft Dinner and fried chicken) and ate at home.

On Wednesday we tried out one last hill, Mont Orford.  We had a 25 minute drive to this hill, so not bad.  There is one other large hill in this area, Owl's Head but we didn't catch that one this time. 

Foggy at the top of the mountain to start our day.

Our first run was called 4K and was a nice meander down the hill.  The snow was great in the morning but it started getting warmer and the snow as sticky and slushy.

For lunch we opted for the sit down restaurant.

Beautiful afternoon!

We called it around 3:00 and headed back to the chalet.

We made chicken and potatoes for supper and we all watched Turning Red.  

The weather on Thursday was calling for 14 degrees so we decided that was enough skiing for us.  Instead we found a hiking trail.

We got some lunch at Fromagerie Gourmande and then relaxed at the chalet, including a nap for me!

So different from our first day.

Hot tub again.

It was St. Patrick's Day so we had reservations at a local pub Le Brouemont Micro-Brasserie. It was busy and we were tired so maybe should have stayed home instead, but we still enjoyed our meals. 

We left the next morning around 9:00 to start the drive home.  It was foggy leaving Quebec, but it was definitely easier driving than when we arrived.  

I don't have any complaints about the trip - the skiing, accommodations, and company were all top-notch.  This would also be a great place to visit in the summer, the ski hill have lots of warm weather activities too, and there are many bike trails and beaches, and Montreal is only an hour away.

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