Friday, April 5, 2024

Friday Favourites


Happy Friday! My work had a few IT issues this week which left me patching together different sources to retrieve my emails and documents, it's getting figured out, but it was a stressful week! And now I have the new Outlook and the new Teams, and I do not like it!! Haha.  I resist change. 

We are getting ready for the partial eclipse that is happening on Monday here.  I realize that many of you are not in the direct path like we are in Southern Ontario, but we are excited about it! The kids will be home from school and we have a couple of pairs of glasses to check it out.

Was anyone fooled by anything on April Fool's Day?  I think it was pretty tame this year, people realize that we are all dealing with A LOT and don't have the bandwidth for much more foolishness.  However I did fall for Peloton's post that said they were going to start Breakdancing Classes. 

I was happy to see King Charles looking well at church on Easter Sunday. Wishing him all the best as he continues with his cancer treatments. 

I volunteered at the school's monthly Pizza Day this week.  I tried to snap a photo with E, but he was at peak Grade 7 and hid from the lens.  He was happy to see me and so was Q until he rushed off to Rubik's Cube club.

Does anyone else store their pie in the cupboard with the plates?  I don't know if this is a Nova Scotia thing or what, but it's what we did when I was growing up.   The pie didn't last long - two pieces for each of us, but we all enjoyed it! It's my favourite pie.

I had some random ingredients in the fridge to use up and so I had to be a bit creative.  I made this peas on toast meal for my lunches to use up the mint we had.  I also made a smoked salmon pasta to use up some dill.

Something that was not a favourite was the black jelly beans and they remained in the bowl while the rest were picked out.  I don't mind a black jelly bean but I didn't want to eat them either so they ended up in the bin! (And the few purple ones that are there were snatched up first)

If you blog, please link up with us on Monday for Sharing Our Lives.  We are going to talk about our favourite hair and makeup products.  Rest assured, my hair and makeup routine is not extensive so don't feel like you will be left out of you don't have drawers and cupboard full of products to share.  Many of the things I do use are from recommendations from friends and bloggers so I will enjoy seeing what else is out there.

Have a great weekend! I think this is our last week of colder weather and the temperatures look like they about to take a turn next week.  And we will hope for clear skis on Monday afternoon for the eclipse!

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  1. The partial eclipse sounds exciting. I have just read that those in the north of the UK might see some of it but further down the country will see nothing. Hmmf.
    King Charles does look really well, I am glad.
    I think putting the pie in the cupboard would be too tempting here. hehehe
    I have my post ready for next week and was a little worried as I don't have that much to share as I am not into hair and beauty things, that makes me feel better.

  2. My work lunches are usually either a salad or random leftovers from the fridge. It's a great way to use up food and avoid waste but I'm totally with you on the black jelly beans. They deserve to go in the bin!

  3. I LOVE black jelly beans and so does Sam. You should have sent them to us!!!