Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Three Things

 Three things going on with us at the moment:


1. Q got a new baseball glove for the new season and Dave has been helping him break it in. 

2. The Rubik Cube has made a resurgence in our house.  E learned to do it a few years ago, but now Q is learning (and Dave is remembering how to do it).There is also a Rubik Cube club for Q’s age group at school and he tries to attend when he can. 

3. All of the kids in Q’s ski team (the U8s) got an award at the end of the season, Q’s award was for “Speed” and “Team Spirit”. He was pretty pleased with those accolades. 


1. Dave is going to be Q’s t-ball coach this year.  I helped out last year, but Dave is taking on the head coach position.  He grew up playing baseball and worked as an umpire so I think he will enjoy it.

2. Speaking of golf, Dave is heading off soon to Scotland for a golf trip with 11 other guys from his club.  They will play at a few different courses around the St. Andrews area.  I got him a rain jacket for his birthday so now he’s picking out some rain pants to go with it. 

3. Our second car, the Santa Fe, wasn’t working earlier this week but Dave tinkered around and narrowed down to a couple of causes and is now working on the solution.  I always feel so fortunate that he likes to figure this stuff out and has the skills and tools to fix most things himself. 


1. Golf season is getting underway for E.  He will be a member of Dave’s golf club again this year, and he also got a membership to the Toronto city golf clubs so he can play with his school friends.  He already has a tee time booked for next week.  I think it’s a bit early for the city courses to be open, but whatever! 

2. He has joined the Strings music program after school.  He is learning cello and they have a concert coming up in this spring.  It’s such a great opportunity to learn a new instrument. 

3.  E is doing better at managing his schoolwork.  A few times he has stayed after school to make sure he gets his work done. 


1.We got a new stove and I’m still getting used to the heat adjustments.  The burners are hotter than I’m used to so it always takes a bit of tweaking to get it to the right temperature.  And the muffins I made this weekend were a little darker than I would have liked. 

2. I have been enjoying doing the Globe and Mail crossword on most days.  With some internet connectivity in the subway now I can usually work on it on the way home if I’m not reading. 

3. I don’t speak Spanish which can mean communication with some of my colleagues is challenging, although most people speak pretty good English. I can do pretty well at a restaurant, like when I was in Lima last week.  I even successfully communicated that the white wine they had was too sweet and I wanted to exchange for something dry.  They didn’t have a dry white wine, but the red wine they brought me instead was just fine.  It went well with the pizza I had at Antica Pizzeria.  


  1. Oh I love these kinds of posts. Yes, Rubik's cubes make an appearance in our house once in awhile and Dave always tries to solve them really quickly. I'm impressed with your Spanish speaking skills. Dave has been doing DuoLingo Spanish for over a year but I'm not sure he could communicate about wine! And I hate getting used to new stoves when I'm not at home. You don't realize how little you have to think about it until you do...

  2. Ella was doing a rubik's cube recently too, but it was a Disney picture one and doesn't go back the same. We got a new stove last year and went from electric to gas and it made a huge difference in timing.

  3. I remember when the Rubik's cube was all the craze back in the early 80s. I was so frustrated that I could never figure it out so I pulled all the pieces apart ( I had a cheap knockoff version), put them back together and never touched it again! Well done on your Spanish in Peru, the pizza place looks good! I hope you got to enjoy a pisco sour too :)

  4. Scotland! That's amazing. Hayden is currently taking Spanish and doesn't love it...I've had to brush off my Spanish from over 20 years ago to help him sometimes. I keep stressing to him that he will be glad to know some Spanish (and any other language) in life.