Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Weekend Recap

 On Friday we welcomed Dave back home after his week golfing in Scotland.  He brought home a few goodies for us, including a new golf towel from St. Andrews for me.  Not only did I want the souvenir, my old golf towel had been eaten by a mouse over the winter!

On Saturday I took my mom to the airport, it was great having her here last week, especially to help with getting the kids to and from school and making meals since Dave was away and I had a busy work week.

Because of the rain, Q's ball hockey game was cancelled so we found ourselves with no plans.  We ended up heading downtown to a phone repair shop to fix E's cracked phone.  It was a bit of an adventure to start out with some subway troubles, but soon we were on our way.  We picked up the streetcar from Bathurst Station which meant we got to buy the Jamaican patties from there. Everyone says that Bathurst Station has the best ones, and now I know why! They are freshly made at the subway station and they are legit.  

Enjoying them on the streetcar.

The phone repair place was at Bathurst and Richmond. He needed two hours to fix it so we meandered about.  I liked this view of the new condos with the old church and houses. 

Then we walked through graffiti alley.  E had just been here on a class field trip so he shared a bit of about what he learned since they had visited with a tour guide.

When we visited graffiti alley last year we saw the artist working on this piece, nice to see it completed. 

Then we made it our ultimate destination, The Well, a multi-use development. There is still a bit of construction happening and many things not opened yet, but this is definitely going to be a fun place, lots of shops, lots of places to eat and hang out.  
This was at the gift shop for Arcadia Earth, which is an exhibit that we did not visit.

Dave and I got salads from Mandy's and the boys got pizza.  Since these are pretty much the only places that are open to get food, both were very busy, but we persevered and really enjoyed our meals.  This is the inside of Mandy's.  

It was raining a bit as got ready to walk back to the phone repair shop.  Q wanted a photo with this metal guy.

Fun little park on the way back, the boys walked the labyrinth but had to avoid the play structures.

After we got the phone we took the streetcar and subway back home, and then settled in to watch the Leafs game, but I won't need to say much about that game..

It was a warmer drier morning.  We were out of milk so I decided to walk up to get some from the gas station but also treat us to coffee and muffins from Tim Horton's. 

We went to church.

And then it did end up raining for a bit, but when it cleared up we biked to the ball field for some practice. 

Spring is getting here!

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  1. I love seeing your photos of Downtown, the graffiti alley looks amazing!