Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Weekend Recap

I hope you had a nice weekend, and if you were celebrating Easter, a Happy Easter! Easter is my favourite holiday, I like it more than Christmas.  It has peak religious significance, the weather is usually starting to warm up, and it requires a lot less preparation and work! 

I arrived home from Lima late on Thursday night (or early Friday morning) so I decided not to attend the Good Friday service at our church.  I did watch on our YouTube channel and enjoyed the music and message.  But it was a nice slow morning, did some colouring (with Q), and watched the curling.   Dave's parents had arrived earlier in the week from being away for the winter.  The kids made the annual Easter cake with them. 

Since E took the photos of the cake, there is a selfie to accompany them!

We had fish and chips for supper.  We ordered take out from the golf club and they were so delicious. 

I picked up a few treats from Peru to bring home.  I went to the grocery store with a colleague who is originally from Peru and now lives in Chile, so she was telling me what the "must haves" were for home.

On Saturday morning I got up to do a workout and then helped Dave make waffles.  Dave's parents left to go home, and I walked up the street with the kids for an Easter scavenger hunt.  Friends of ours joined us up there.  It was a beautiful day.

We had our Easter dinner on Saturday night, we made ribs, coleslaw, and roasted potatoes.  I failed to take a photo of us at the table, so I took one of our leftovers instead!  The ribs were a bit more well done than we like, they were fall of the bone so much that we needed to use a knife and fork to eat them.  But the flavour was so good. 

After dinner we took the remote control car out for a spin.

On Sunday the boys came to wake us up at 7:00, very excited to find the hidden eggs .(Yes, they are both wearing Christmas pjs.)

The Easter Bunny was here!  Although I contributed with a chocolate egg from Peru and a book.

Mom and Dad got some treats too :)

We wisely made extra waffles the day before so it was an easy breakfast on Easter morning.  We ate these while watching Peter Rabbit.

We all went to church and then to the golf club for Easter brunch. 

No pictures of me at the club so I made sure we got one when we got home. 

Some of us had a post-brunch nap and I finished my book.  While I was making a pie Dave took the boys up to the park for some baseball practice.  When the pie was out of the oven I walked up meet them.

Et voila, the pie!

We started the new Hunger Games movie, and when E went to bed, Dave and I finished Fargo.  The kids didn't have any school on Monday but Dave and I were working.  I did take the kids up to the park to play soccer base (or kickball as they like to call it) but mostly they watched Marvel movies and played with toys - the best way to spend a day off.



  1. Happy Easter! You guys had an awesome time celebrating! I recognise those chocolates and sweets from Peru, the purple corn drink is our favourite. Although my older son's fiancee tried it for the first time recently and thought that it was too sweet. We forgave her because we love her! Hehe.

  2. That looks like a fun Easter! I would have loved to watch movies all day Monday! That pie looks sooooo good!!!