Friday, April 19, 2024

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday! Everyone in our house is over our colds, which is good timing for Dave as he departs on his golf trip in Scotland today.  

We had a couple of warm days at the start of the week so on Monday we took the opportunity to bike to the ball diamond to practice some baseball. It was such a nice evening to be outside. 

Last week OJ Simpson died, and I was reminded of how big his trial was. I was glued to much of the trial, and I remember exactly where I was when the verdict was read.  Everything to do with that trial, including the fame of the Kardashians, is so fascinating. I enjoyed the various tweets about this (and one them said, now we know what Twitter would have been like if we had it in 1995), and I came across this clip of Dave Chappelle talking about the times he met OJ.  I love Dave Chappelle, good content.

I started a new notebook at work this week which is always a favourite.  Yes, I still use a paper notebook to jot stuff down in, and I have a paper list.

We went to the Blue Jays game last Sunday, and I posted about that here.  We were also happy to see the Jays win the series against the Yankees. 

We got our taxes done this week, yay for us!  We are expecting a refund which is always nice :)

In case you missed it, I also shared my favourite Canadian TV shows, a pretty niche topic, but some of you will appreciate it.

Have a great weekend! We have Q's first ball hockey game and the cherry blossoms in High Park will be out!

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  1. We just did our taxes last night! So happy to have that off our plate. And we get a refund which is nice :) We're headed into Toronto this weekend so I'll have to see if I can convince Dave to stop by High Park again. I probably won't be successful but I can dream...!

  2. I am glad everyone is feeling better now, I hope Dave has a great trip.
    I remember watching the OJ trial, I had tried to explain to my girls what a big deal it was but they just didn't get it.
    Ahh! I do love a new notebook!

  3. Glad everyone is feeling better and I hope Dave has a great trip. The OJ trial happened while I was in college and I can remember lots of discussions about it before and after class.. so funny how certain phrases still stick in my head surrounding that!