Thursday, April 25, 2024

Monthly Musings


1. Favourite thing about spring?
The warm weather, flowering trees, and birdsong.

2. What are your spring traditions?
We usually go to see the cherry blossoms in High Park (although we didn't get to go this year), we get the bikes out and ready for the season, and I sort through our clothes to change seasons. 

3. Favourite spring outfits?
 Usually I can stop wearing nylons with my dresses/skirts about now.  I may be able to lose the jacket, and wear sneakers more often instead of boots.

4. Favourite springtime meal?
We start BBQing more in the spring, so burgers is one of the things I like best. 

5. Spring or loathe?
I love it. Especially this year, we had a very dry winter and the more rain right now, the better. 

6. Favourite spring flower?

7. Do you get seasonal allergies? Best remedies please!
I don't get seasonal allergies but when I am feeling a bit stuffy/congested, I take antihistamines. 

8. Favourite springtime beverage?
Rose. I drink white wine all year long, but the rose comes back out in the spring. 

9. Do you change your home decor for spring?
No.  We have some Easter decorations but it's been put away now.  Nothing else changes in the house with respect to decor. 

10. Lemon meringue pie or strawberry shortcake?
If I have to choose, I would pick strawberry shortcake.  But to me, cherry pie says spring. 

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  1. Oh I just LOVE the smell of Lilacs! We've had a wet fall, a wet winter, and a wet spring...

  2. Lilacs are so pretty, but they are one of the flowers that make me sneeze and itch. :-( Rose is perfect for spring, I agree. Hope you're having a great week and enjoying spring weather!

  3. Oh, rose is a great spring drink and those cherry blossoms are beautiful to see this time of year!

  4. Lilacs are my spring fave too! Yes to warmer weather and switching out the wardrobes- just makes me giddy :)