Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Weekend Recap

We went to our first Blue Jays game of the season on Sunday. We love going to see the Jays play and feel very fortunate we live in Toronto and can easily take transit to the games. 

We decided to take the Spadina streetcar for part of the ride. I love this time of year, our city is coming alive after the winter and it was nice to be above ground on our travels to see all the people and the flowers starting to come out.

It was the first day of Jr. Jays so we visited some of the activities for the kids. Photo op, check out the nameplate on that locker.

And then a pose for the baseball card.

Look at those blue skies!

Although the roof was closed for the game. 

We met some friends there, but I forgot to get a phot of our whole group.  

Checking out the arcade.

We signed up to run the bases after the game.

It's so fun to be down on the field!

The game was great, the Jays won, and we had all of the food :)

Despite not taking any other photos, we had a busy rest of the weekend, including:

Watching the Masters

Kung Fu Panda 4

New golf clubs for E

Q went to a joint birthday party for two of his friends

I went to Old Navy to buy some socks and shorts for the boys

Dave and E went to Dune 2 at Imax

Dave worked on the grass and made sure the watering system was working

Q worked on his reading and voluntarily read 10 books to add to his reading log for school


  1. Wow! What a fun Jays game! We're going in a couple of weeks and I can't wait!!! I'm so sad my kids are getting too old for Jr Jays and running the bases. Such fun events!!!

  2. So fun! I would love to see a real-life baseball game one day. It's on my bucket list!