Thursday, April 11, 2024

New Entryway

Today I'm showing you our new entryway. 

This is what we had before:


And after:

We opened up the wall here as it used to only have the width of a regular doorway. 

We had the closet custom built.  We wanted to keep lots of storage but didn't want it to be closed off too much.

We had to contend with the existing window and the plumbing down the side on the left.

Above are cabinets where we can keep seasonal items and various bags.

Everyone gets their own drawer to keep the things they are using in the current season (hats and mitts in winter, flip flops and ball caps in summer). The space under each drawer is tall enough to slide a few pairs of shoes underneath.

Dave's dad made us this bench for Christmas going by the designs Dave had provided.  It weighs a ton, but it looks great in the space.

The stairs are the original ones but we had them refinished so they look much tidier.  Interesting story, after they had done this work, the shower installers came and could not get one of the panes of glass up the stairs (which is actually kind of common in old Toronto homes), so they had to cut off the top of the banister post and replace it afterwards (and fix up the scrapes on the wall and stairs left by the various attempts to fit the glass through), but you can't tell now. 

Now here it is with all of the coats and bags hung up.  The boys have hooks under the window for their backpackss

If anyone is interested:
Tile - Centura Tile
Rug - Ruggable
Mirror - Wayfair
Door (existing) - Dundas Windows and Doors
Closet Millwork - Custom
Hooks - Home Depot


  1. That is a lovely new entryway!

  2. I love it! Wow, it looks much bigger and brighter with fantastic storage space. I'm so glad that they managed to get the shower glass up the stairs and everything got patched up. Phew! I was almost wincing as I read imagining the damage to the wall and bannister post.