Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Weekend Recap

Nana Camp continued on Friday but with a special guest, me! I wasn't working on Friday afternoon so we all went downtown in the late morning.

We first went to Graffiti Alley.  E and I had been there before but Mom and Q had not. There is some really cool artwork there.

A new piece being created.  The boys stopped and watched for awhile.

E's name means Wild Boar.

It was all a dream...Biggie

This apartment building got their graffiti built right into their design. Also this parking garage door actually took cars into an elevator to park underground.

Looking up at the ceiling.

Watch for Injustice.

Nipsey Hussel tribute.  A California rapper shot outside the strip mall in the background of the mural.

And this cute little community garden in the midst of all this.

Big support for Ukraine here.

Then we walked back up Queen West to get lunch at the Peter Pan Cafe.

And then onto one of things on my Summer To Do ListToronto Myseum's display on Canadian Kids TV.

Finnegan! From Mr. Dressup.

And Casey too!

Dressing up in the Tickle Trunk

Muffy the Mouse and Sam from Today's Special

They were playing episodes of Degrassi on these old TVs, Q automatically went to touch the screen, haha.  

The exhibit is small but I really enjoyed it, and the Myseum is free. 

Then we headed up because Dave and I were playing golf later on.  We played 9 holes and then ate dinner.
The club is so pretty but photos never do it justice.

Mom and the kids stayed home and ordered pizza, and then we watched the first hour of Dungeons and Dragons when we got home.  With the rest to follow on Saturday night.

Dave was golfing in the Golf Club Championship on the weekend but his tee time wasn't until the afternoon so we went for a bike ride in the morning (and my Mom got her nails done).
The boys like to climb this ridiculously steep hill

Assessing the sticks for Pooh Sticks,  does anyone else play this game?

Such a beautiful morning to be out!

Dave actually had to head back early but the boys and I continued on.  We rode to the spot where we did our Christmas Card photos.

After we got home, we had lunch and then Mom and I took the boys swimming at High Park.  The weather was perfect and it was so nice to be in the pool.  They have a slide there, and although Q couldn't do it because you need to pass the swim test to go on, E and I did it a few times.  We did some errands on the way home to pick up supper stuff, and Q talked Nana into buying him a new book.

Happy hour on our back patio, including some Blue Jays baseball on the iPad.

Q started playing solitaire and that kept him entertained for awhile.

We had gotten steaks for dinner but of course we found out we were out of propane.  So we made our steaks on our Coleman camp stove instead, it worked out all right. 

On Sunday morning, I went to Costco to get the aforementioned propane.  Dave was off for Day 2 of the Club Championship, and the rest of us went to E's baseball game.

E was catcher for the last inning and Q set up right behind him.

Both boys went to friends' houses that afternoon.  Then we all met up to go to the golf club for supper.  It was kind of overcast and threatened rain but we had some nice seats under some cover.

My mom left very early on Monday morning (a holiday for us).  I went back to bed after driving her to the airport and didn't get up until 9:00, which is a record for me!  We had a lazy morning.  Then we biked to a nearby baseball diamond and the boys practiced.

E said this was sweat (it was humid), but I think he just poured the water bottle on his head.

We tried to get ice cream, but both places we tried were closed for the holiday Monday, so we had ice cream at home instead.  
Q played soccer, we ordered Thai food, and watched Indiana Jones to finish off our night.

Second half of summer starts now!


  1. Yay for the second half of summer! And I loved our visit to Graffiti Alley a few years ago but I think we need to go back again.

  2. Wow! the graffiti is amazing...you all had so much fun outside...glad you had a great visit with your mom.