Thursday, August 31, 2023

Monthly Musings


1. Where do you typically shop for Back to School? Any tips?
This year I was not impressed with any of the kids clothing at the usual places I shop so I ended up at Old Navy.  For any school supplies we need, I go to Staples. We get our backpacks from Herschel and our lunch boxes from Fluf.

2. How do you organize for Back to School?
Back to school is one thing I'm not overly concerned with.  We don't ever need to buy too much since our school doesn't provide a huge list of supplies.  I make sure the backpacks and everything are good for another year, and then once school is in session, I make sure my calendar is up to date for school events.

3. Do you meal prep? Any fall recipes to share?
I don't really meal prep, especially not currently as we are living in the basement and we only have a small fridge. 
A fall meal I love to make is French onion soup

4. Any Back to School traditions?
We all walk to school on the first day, it's so fun to see the activity around the school and greet other parents. We usually have Crunchy Beef and Macaroni for supper. This year E has a baseball game that night so we may not be able to eat this meal until later, it will depend on timing. 

5. How long does it take you to get into a new fall routine?
Day 2.  Day 1 is off a bit because of the walking, but once Day 2 starts, the routine starts. 

6. Best lunchbox packing tip?
I offer a rotation of only a few things  - jam sandwiches, small pitas, pasta (hot or cold), and cheese bagels. I would love to make better sandwiches (more protein, less carbs) but this is what my kids will eat on a regular basis, so I keep it simple. 

7. Best tip for getting out the door in the morning?
No iPads or TV in the morning.  It always seems like a fight to wrench the device away from the kids when we are leaving the house, so we need strict rules for the school year.

8. Slow cooker? Instant pot? Both? Neither?
I have a slow cooker but I don't use it that much.

9. School bus? Carpool? Walk to school?
E (grade 7) walks to school, and Q (grade 2) gets a drive.  He goes to the before and after school program so it's not like we are just driving him and not his brother.  For two years we carpooled with our neighbours but they just moved away so no more carpool with them.  

10. Start school before or after Labour Day?
School goes in the day after Labour Day.

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  1. My kids like taking pasta for lunch too. They do that or bagels on most days.

  2. The rotation is key for our lunches here too!

  3. I feel like even my high schooler only eats maybe 4 different lunch options-- Nutella & jelly sandwiches, pita chips and hummus, taco salad, and pesto pasta. That's pretty much it... and he only eats the foods that need warming up on the days he's working in the kitchen. I wish he ate more variety but he doesn't and he's 17 so at this point I figure whatever. Most of his friends don't even eat lunch! I love that by day 2 you pretty much have the schedule down pat!

  4. I need to not stress about my kids taking the same thing for lunches every day. If it works for them, why should I worry that they're not eating a variety of foods, right?!?!?!

  5. I love reading everyone's back to school answers :) Last year, I had to implement "no phones" until the kids are ready for school. They get distracted too easily. haha