Thursday, August 10, 2023

Good Habits

Yesterday for Let's Look, I wrote about my bad habits, so I'm turning the tables today and writing about some good habits that I have.

Applying sunscreen. I hate applying sunscreen but I don't go out for prolonged periods in the sun without putting some on, and then reapplying. My favourite kind is Ombrelle.

Drinking water. I have water by my bed, water on my desk, water on my bike, etc. I don't drink an absurd amount of water (no Stanley over here), but I stay hydrated. 

Flossing. It took me many years and many visits to the dentist where they would say 'have you been flossing?' and me answering in the negative, before I finally started flossing my teeth on a regular basis. It was all due to having a mouth guard for nighttime, I could just imagine those leftover bits of food, even after brushing, festering all night long under my night guard, so I started flossing before bed.  Now that I have Invisalign (and if you've been keeping track, I've had it for almost a year!), I floss more than once a day. 

Noticing beauty in nature. We are all busy, rushing from here to there, looking down at our phones (see yesterday's post) but I always take the time to appreciate a nice sky, tree, bird, or water view. I hope my kids remember that I'm always calling out "look at that pretty tree!" or whatever. 

Sending condolence notes. I don't care for the public comment on a Facebook post, but I do usually send a private message to someone who has recently lost a loved one, even if I haven't been in touch with them for awhile. If I have a specific memory about the departed, I will share that, but even if it's just a 'sorry for your loss, thinking of you' type message, I still send it. People really do appreciate those things, and they don't think it's weird to hear from an old acquaintance. They probably think it's weirder to not hear from someone.

Eating a healthy breakfast.  The rest of my day could go to you know where in a hand basket, but my breakfast is usually a good one. Granola and yoghurt, eggs, almond butter on spelt toast, oatmeal, fruit. I have always been a breakfast person. 


  1. I love this. I am horrible at sending condolence notes privately I really need to do that. I also have water bottles everywhere (Brian hates it) but I drink a lot of water.

  2. I love that you shared your good habits. I've gotten better about drinking water. I try to be thoughtful and send hand-written notes whenever I can. This is a great idea for a post :)