Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Weekend Recap


On Friday, I went into the office so I could meet my former boss for lunch.  
When I got home, I took Q to the High Park pool for a swim.  Dave and E were golfing with one of E’s friends and his dad.  I love going to the pool.

Then after we had a quick supper, we went to our neighbours’ for our weekly hang out.  Q was enjoying a ginger ale in a glass bottle.

Dave and E met us there after golf but we tried to keep it an early night.

We had a small thunderstorm run through right at the time Q’s t-ball game was supposed to start so that meant the league canceled the game.  But it cleared up around noon so instead the boys went down to the baseball diamond by the river and practiced.  I went to the grocery store. When I was just leaving, Dave texted to ask me to bring them a drink, I took this photo to ask what they would like.

The boys went over to play with the neighbours when we got back, and Dave set up the Blue Jays game on the iPad.

Some neighbours came over to join us so Dave got out the projector and screen so we could better watch the game.  Then we put a movie on while we cooked and ate supper.

Dave golfed on Sunday morning.  I watched some TV, did a workout, and cleaned the bathroom. Then I got the boys out the door - Q was going to a birthday party and E had a baseball game.
The birthday party was a paint splatter party so Q came home like this!

We finally got Q into a real t-ball game as a call up.  (He plays in the instructional league usually but the t-ball league needs extra players sometimes so they will call up the instructional league players.) The other times we tried to get him into a “big” game, the games were canceled, so this was his first one.  He did very well and the coaches were impressed.

We decided to stop in at The Dark Horse on the way home for supper, instead of cooking the food I had bought the day before. 

Another great summer weekend!

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