Monday, August 14, 2023

Not Just a Mom Link Up - What's in my Handbag


Hi Friends! Welcome to our monthly link up series.  My co-hosts are Adrienne, DaraJenJoanne and Lauren.  This month we are showing you what's in our handbags.

I've been using this shoulder bag as my everyday "handbag" since I got it for Christmas.  I don't carry around a lot of things so it's easy to tuck everything in here.  

I have a sunglasses case, car keys, Invisalign cases, AirPods, sunscreen, small wallet, and a loonie (one dollar coin).  I don't often have any cash, but in the summer I try to have some change in case we need to buy a drink or something.

In my small card wallet, I have a Visa, Debit, Presto Card (for the subway), Ontario Health Card, Driver's Licence, Toronto Public Library Card, and pass card for my office. 

That's it! I usually have a hair elastic around my wrist but I don't carry a brush or any makeup. 

I take a backpack to work (or pannier when I bike) with all of these things (except my car keys) along with my laptop and notebook.  I also have a larger bag that I may take with me when we are going out for dinner, and I'm slightly more dressed up, and then I can tuck in some colouring books and coloured pencils, or cards/games for the kids for some entertainment at the table.

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  1. I'd like to have a small bag like that but I also like to fit in my water bottle!

  2. I think I carry way too much stuff in my wallet! Also, why just one loonie?

    1. I had other change that I spent, the loonie was all that was left.

  3. I keep sunscreen and bug spray in the trunk of my car just in case! I love how light you travel.

  4. I'm not at all surprised by how similar ours are :)

    Lauren @ Don't Mind Our Mess

  5. I love your Lululemon bag. I've had my eye on the belt bag for a while, they are so practical and light.

  6. Your bag looks the perfect size to carry about everything that you need. I really should add sunscreen to mine. x

  7. I need a cute sunglass case. I always just put them on my head then they get hair products on them.

  8. The perfect size bag - I love it!!

  9. I pack pretty light as well. It's nice when I don't feel like I have to take too much. Of course, I don't need "all the things" like I used to when my kids were little.