Thursday, August 17, 2023

Renovation Update

A little reno update for those of you who are interested.  We have made some good progress since July's Update

First all of the framing has been done.  Our house had the original plaster and lathe that was removed, and now we will have actual walls with two by fours, drywall, and insulation (that's right, we didn't have insulation in most of our house).  Our old radiators will also be replaced with more streamlined versions, but we are keeping the hot water heat.  We will install a natural gas fireplace in the living room. 

Our new closet in our room is framed in.

Last week our roof was opened up in order to build on the extension. It was open for a total of four days, three nights, but we didn't have any big rainstorms, thank goodness! This was the humongous tarp they used to cover it up at night.  

Looking up from the inside. 

Next day, the floor was installed.

And then the walls. A view from the backyard.

Closed in with roof, not airtight, but safe from water.  Temporary shingles were installed last Friday, and then the tarp could come down.  We were so pleased that we didn't have a big storm and the workers were super-efficient at getting this work done, lots of people on site for these four days.

Break on through to the other side...This was the back wall of the house and now the doorway to Q's new room.  He will have a couple of steps up from the hallway into his room.  We did that so we could keep some of the height in the ceiling on the main floor and avoid having to change out the existing windows across the back of the house.

The window to the bathroom will be moved to the side of the house.

Next up is electrical, HVAC (central air conditioning, new PEX piping for the radiators), and plumbing.  A few decisions to make for the bathroom vanities, tiles, and sconces (which first autocorrected to scones! I'd rather pick out scones than sconces, haha, blueberry please.).

We seem to be on track, and living in the basement continues to go well.  


  1. Wow! What a huge renovation job!! Looks like everything is going well and thank goodness for no rain. I'm excited to see it finished (I bet you all are too!)

  2. Wow! This is moving right along...I would have been so worried during those days with the lack of roof. lol I'm glad you didn't have any rain!