Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Not for me Part 2

 I wrote this post last year where I wrote about certain popular things that I just don't get. I thought it was time for a second installment.

Amazon - We do shop on Amazon every once in awhile, but I'm always amazed at what people buy on Amazon on a regular basis.  Some bloggers I follow will usually post on their Amazon Prime purchases for the month and I just can't do that post, I have nothing to write about!  

Jewelry and Swimsuits - To be clear, I think people that can pull this off look amazing and I am envious of their style, but for me, all I think about when in a swimsuit is when I need to be applying more sunscreen and a necklace or bracelet (let alone the layered look) just gets in the way of that constant re-application.  

Protein Powder - I could probably use some more protein in my diet, but I could never figure out what protein powders were actually good for you, let alone tasted good, so I don't use them.  The same goes for collagen, super greens, and other supplements you're supposed to be adding to shakes.

Sushi - Sushi is not something I would choose to eat.  I have gone out for sushi with friends before, but I don't love it, and there are some that I don't care for at all.  I do like the pickled ginger!

Cannabis - I've never tried marijuana in any format and I have no interest in trying it now even though it is legal in Canada. I'm happy that it is legal and that people are enjoying their gummies and everything else, but it's just not for me. 

High Waisted Jeans - Like the jewelry and swimsuits, it's a great look for most people that wear this style, but I've never thought it worked for me. I'm stuck in my ways and I'd rather go with the skinny jeans or lower rise jeans with straight legs. I'm an elder millennial, leave me alone! ;)

Tik Tok - Speaking of elder millennial, I watch Tik Toks on my Instagram like a proper adult! I spend enough time on Instagram and Twitter (X?) and I can't add another social media channel on which to waste my time.  There are a few accounts I follow on Instagram who share the good Tik Toks that are worth my while and I watch them there.



  1. Oh gosh, I could eat sushi every day and never get sick of it!! I am a TikTok addict... I need to just delete it but then a good recipe comes across and I'm sucked back in-- ugh! I love this idea for a post!!

    Lauren @ Don't Mind Our Mess

  2. I'm with you on high waisted jeans - they don't look or fit me right. And cannabis. I have no interest.

  3. I can only just manage to wear minimal jewellery and clothes. There’s no way that I could cope with a swimsuit and jewellery!