Friday, August 11, 2023

Friday Favourites


Happy Friday everyone.

All summer we have been seeing videos of wildfires around the world, and even though one site of these fires was my own hometown in Nova Scotia, and people lost their homes, so certainly devastating, it was the scenes of Lahaina in Hawaii that really got to me this week.  We went there in 2020, ate at Fleetwoods, shopped at the Billabong, and saw the famous banyan tree.  Now that entire area is burned to the ground and it's startling.  It's not that I feel any less sympathy for other parts of the world that are burning, but we certainly feel more connected to places where we have been. 

Q got a new book last weekend, called Nutshimit by an Innu author from Quebec.  It has some great drawings and teaches about some cool things you can do in nature, like how to make a cup out of birch bark to collect blueberries, or how to make a fire.  Highly recommend.

Yesterday Dave and E biked downtown to meet me for lunch.  We ate at the Union Summer Market.

If you have a blog, you can link up with us on Monday when we are showing off what's in our handbag. What random things do you have in there?

We have a big weekend of golf and baseball/tball, as usual, plus a birthday party for Q to attend.  

Hope you have a nice weekend.

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  1. The wildfires have been terrible. It's so sad.
    That book sounds fantastic.

  2. The fires have been terrible to hear about. I'm originally from Washington state and typically we will get a lot of wildfires during the summer but those mostly burn forests and desert areas. And while the forests are bad it's even worse when people are losing their homes and businesses. Not to mention the historic town of Lahaina! And that book sounds neat!

  3. That's so sad about the fires and it definitely hits home when it's a place you have visited. The first entry on my empty monthly planner is Mondays link-up. Haha, not missing that one and I'm looking forward to going you guys. Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. The fires have been awful this year. And I want to check out that book for my kids. My post for tomorrow is ready to go!

  5. It really has been an awful year for wildfires and they are so sad.