Friday, August 25, 2023

Friday Favourites

For this week of Friday Favourites, I'm going to tell you about the food tour that I organized for our office summer event.  I love a food tour, I've done one in New York and San Francisco. I also love being a tourist in my own city and learning some history.  

My office is just down the street from the St. Lawrence Market, so we all walked down.  There were 8 people from my office that were able to attend and that was a perfect number. 

We had a great tour guide, very engaging, and we all learned a lot. 

We started with a pastry.

We had a little taste of this maple syrup, aged in a whiskey barrel.  It comes from Prince Edward County, but they also sell it at The Cocktail Emporium in Union Station so I may have to try it, it was amazing!

Our first stop inside the market itself was the famous Carousel Bakery for a peameal bacon sandwich.  Peameal bacon is Canadian bacon, and it just gets fried up and put on a Portuguese bun.  So delicious, although I like it better with an egg and cheese. 

I love Ontario produce.

We were treated to an oyster and some smoked salmon next.

The gravlax (closest in the photo) was the best! It melted in my mouth, and I will be picking that up for a special occasion in the future.

Kozlik's mustard is well known in our house already.  I won a bottle of it in a little trivia game, and then I bought two more bottles.  

We tried three different types of cheese and prosciutto.  

We finished up with some pierogies and Portuguese tarts.  I wasn't super full at the end of the tour, but it was definitely all very tasty and we got substantial portions of each thing we got.

I would definitely recommend doing this tour if you're in Toronto, even if you already live here.  I know they do tours of other neighbourhoods, but certainly the St. Lawrence Market is a classic choice.

On Wednesday I posted about getting ready for school - haircuts have been procured. Check out the results:
Q's haircut is aggressive, I'm hoping it grows in slightly before school starts, but he was pleased!

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  1. That food tour sounds fun and those haircuts are adorable!

  2. The food tour sounds so fun! I wonder if we have anything like that over here, I will have to check it out. Q looks so happy with his amazing haircut! Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend 😊