Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Weekend Recap

 The penultimate weekend of the summer.  On Friday we took the boys to Boulderz in the Junction for some rock climbing.  We had gone to their Etobicoke location for E's birthday last year, and we had a gift card to use.  This location was smaller but not very busy and it was exactly the type of activity we needed.  Q and E have no fear, Dave and me, not so much!  

Go Dad!

After that we headed over The Greater Good bar. We have been here a few times before and it's a great place to hang out.  They do craft beers on tap, New York style pizza, and free arcade games upstairs (although cash needed for Skee-ball and Pinball). Kids have to leave by 9:00 so we stayed until that time and then went home.

Dave golfed on Saturday morning and I did stuff around the house.  Around noon Dave's parents arrived for lunch, and then they packed up the boys to take them to their house for the week. 
After they left, Dave and I went tile shopping.  This can be a difficult task but we did well, narrowing down what we needed and being efficient with our time. We got our quote and some samples and were on our merry way within an hour or so.  

Since we were right by Yorkdale Mall, we popped in there.  I wanted to find some shirts from Athleta that would be good for our Disney trip (stylish but good for warm temperatures) and find something for the boys' first day of school outfits.  I was successful on the first one but not the second.

We had a drink at Joey and watched the Blue Jays, got some supper and then went home.  Our neighbours had invited us over for a drink that night so we hung out with them until about 10:00.

On Sunday our only plan was to golf.  It was a beautiful day and my first round of 18 holes all summer, although I have golfed about 15 times, I have only done 9 holes the other times.

After the round and a late lunch, we went home for naps, F1, and three episodes of Succession. 


  1. Enjoy your time together while Gram and Grampy enjoy the young men

  2. The Greater Good Bar looks so fun. I've seen a similar place in Asheville, NC...
    That's so great that you and Dave both golf --something to do as a couple. Travis only runs...and I'm not doing that. haha