Thursday, June 4, 2015

Snack Time

As I have written about before, we are participating in E's first team sport this summer - soccer.  Apparently part of this team sport environment involves sharing a team snack.  My first thought when I heard about this "snack schedule" that all of the parents are on was "really? we have to bring a snack for everyone? How is this going to work? What about allergies? Why can't we just bring our own snack?"  My thoughts quickly turned to "What am I going to bring?!"  We have had three nights of soccer and so far we've had two nights of watermelon and one night of oranges.  My first instinct is that I want to bring something different, healthy, and tasty.  I also want something easy.  And apparently they have to be nut-free.  I'm caught between not caring about this snack time but also wanting to have the best snack.

I'm not even sure what the point of this snack is other than as something to do and a way for the kids to sit on the blanket together.  When did eating become a part of an exercise event?  Do we really need to force feed our kids at every gathering?  So I'll probably end up bringing some fruit or something equally boring simple, but just for fun, check out these snacks from Pinterest:

Those penguins, I mean really...

Good idea in theory, but I do not have the patience to make all those faces.

(I actually like this idea)


I would love to show up with one of these only for the sheer ridiculousness of bringing a snack like this.  I would like to make the granola bars though, so if they are nut free I'll have to check them out.

What other ideas besides watermelon and oranges to you have for kids' snacks?


  1. I thought the same...why a team snack at that level of play. But perhaps it is just part of the soccer ritual. Didn't they usually have oranges at your HS soccer games? If someone brought them. You may as well go along with the watermelon or oranges...and don't forget the napkins!!

  2. Lol! I remember feeling just as conflicted when we were at the beginning of the soccer journey with our kids...and that was well before the days of Pinterest shaming :) The snack is just as much about team building as it is about hydration and energy boosting (more so when they're older, and working harder....and it's mid July, and scorching hot outside). Orange slices were always our go-to snack! Enjoy your soccer nights!