Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekend Recap

We had a nice weekend, but not too busy.  Hung out with a few friends, got some stuff done around the house, and enjoyed the sunny (albeit cooler) weather.  On Friday night we started our next series, The Wire.  Our friends have the box set.  We are only three episodes in. I have to admit I have not really followed what is going on yet because I have been so tired when we watched it but I think we will enjoy it.

These same friends also had The Sopranos box set.

On Saturday morning we had a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs with cheese, croissants and fresh berries. 

We did a few things around the yard and then walked up to the library to return E's books.

He didn't want me to take his picture.  Also his shirt is on backwards and his shoes are on the wrong feet and he's not wearing socks.  #yesmom

When we got back we laid down in the grass in the front yard and enjoyed the sunshine.

On Saturday night I went to a Lobster Fest at a Rotary Club in Mississauga.  I went with some people from work and some clients.  In addition to the three lobsters I ate, we also had chicken, coleslaw, potato salad, chips and cookies.  It was very simple, but a great event.

 Meanwhile Dave and I went to the car show in the parking lot at Canadian Tire.  Then they ordered some BBQ take out from Marky's BBQ Smokehouse.

E's favourite, because it was orange of course

Ribs, onion rings, mac and cheese, and poutine

On Sunday morning we went to church and then walked up the park with some neighbour friends.

Kicking back some water.

Then we went to some different neighbours for a BBQ.  It was great to meet some new people and have all of the kids play together.  We loved being able to walk up the street with our salad and a bottle of wine for a simple evening with new friends.

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