Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Weekend Recap

Camping is funny, isn't it?  We pack up so much stuff, drive for several hours, and then sleep on the ground and cook on a tiny stove.  But we do it anyway, and we love it.  Food cooked on an open flame tastes amazing and being outside away from the usual distractions of our normal life.

This past weekend, we packed up our car and headed for Sandbanks Provincial Park.

First stop, Tim Horton's of course!

This is a great park and we really lucked out with our campsite this year.  It was quite big, very private, near the toilets and water tap, and had lots of things to keep the kids busy.  We met up with some friends.  They have a son the same age as E and they played together very well for the entire weekend.

Setting up the tent

Already dirty and we just got here!  Even though we brought some toys, the favourite toy of the weekend was a piece of rope tied to a stick.n

After setting up our site, we made some supper and then walked over to the beach.  It was a beautiful evening.

Enjoying some marshmallows before bed.  

In the morning we headed to the beach again.  I did not sleep well the night before (maybe something to do with our air mattress having a hole in it, and the multiple raccoons that passed by our tent, and the partiers at the next campsite), so I just relaxed on the beach while the kids (and dads) played on the beach.

We were all pretty tired so we knew the boys would probably be satisfied with some roasted hot dogs and marshmallows for supper, and then we would eat our meal after that.  It was a good call.

Spider dogs!

Although it rained overnight, it stopped by morning, and since we had set up a tarp over our picnic table the night before, we were all set when we woke up.  After a classic breakfast of bacon, eggs, and toast sitting by a fire, we packed up and went home.  

We had a great weekend with our friends, and E had the time of his life.  Can't wait to do it again sometime.  

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