Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Weekend Recap

This weekend was sort of "blah"; even though it was filled with fun things, the rain that filled both days was kind of a drag.  My mom was still in town so after work on Friday, we all walked up the street to eat supper at The Good Fork.  We had never been there for supper, only brunch, and were pleasantly surprised by their menu, and their small secluded patio on the upper level.  One of my favourite things is eating outside so I was glad there were spots available out there.

This is the child's size chicken pot pie!  He didn't eat it all, but he did have room for all of his sweet potato fries.

My burger and salad, delicious!

On Saturday morning, before the rain started, we went up to the Junction Farmer's Market. We picked up some kale, cherries, eggs, and cheese pretzels.  So happy the fresh Ontario produce is here!
Shirt backwards, "Just Another Day of Being Awesome"

Quick trip to E's favourite store, Home Depot, for some dirt and grass seed.

We also went to the library to get some new books, and to get a coffee at Red Bean Espresso.

E and my Mom

E's new smiling face

In the afternoon Mom, E and I drive to Brampton to visit some cousins.  These cousins are from my grandfather's side and we don't see them very often.  It was great to have a visit, especially with those from the US, and the babies.  

After we got home, Dave and I went to our friends' house for a BBQ and to watch the Canada vs. England Women's World Cup game.  

Strong supporters, even with the disappointing loss.

On Sunday morning we got ready for the Blue Jays game. I had actually thought we had tickets to the Saturday game, but when I checked them on Saturday morning, I realized they were for Sunday.  It's so great to have a domed stadium so the rain doesn't matter.  WE had great seats in the 100 level in left field behind the Jays' bullpen.  A lot of action in the bullpen that day, but they did come up with a win. 

Just one piece at a time #GetItInYa

There's that face again!

Dave's footlong...hot dog

Mom's group selfie

These were our free hats

Heading home on the TTC

We get a bonus day off this week for Canada Day which also makes two short work "weeks". Yay!  Let's hope for some sunshine


  1. It was a wonderful weekend with you. And I had the pleasure of time with E while you were out. He is a super little boy!

  2. Sounds like a great time in the big TO!