Thursday, August 27, 2015

Eating Alone

I know some people think that eating alone in a restaurant is something beyond their comfort zone.  I consider it a luxury.  I don't mean grabbing something at a food court or a drive-thru and scarfing it down (although I do that at times...ahem...Chipotle), but I mean walking into a restaurant and saying "Table for one" and being served an entire meal.  Sometimes I eat at the bar, which is so convenient when the restaurant is busy, but I also don't mind a whole table to myself.  

It is rare that I have the opportunity to take an hour to myself to eat lunch.  I enjoy eating lunch with my co-workers, of course, when I can and I'm not eating in my office, and I like going out to eat with Dave and E. But when I can, I will go out, order a glass of wine, my lunch, and read a book.  It's also so much less lonely than eating in a food court or take out on a park bench or something.  

If you think this is not something for you, that's fine, but seriously, try it sometime.  Trust me, no one is paying any attention to you, wondering why you're eating alone.  They are all wrapped up in their own lunch companions.  

Last week at Earls, some wine, the Santa Fe chicken salad, and filling in my new agenda.

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  1. I need to try it sometime--- I think I'll feel lonely and prefer to bring some takeout at home and watch some tv.