Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Weekend Recap

We enjoyed such a beautiful long weekend.  Aside from a brief (but torrential) rainstorm on Sunday evening the sun was out, it was breezy, and the temperature was just right.  It was also a big weekend for the Blue Jays!

Even (or maybe especially) on Fridays of a long weekend it is a struggle to get out of my office early.  But eventually I got my work done and did some errands on the way home.  We had a simple supper and watched some Homeland before going to bed at a reasonable hour.  

On Saturday morning Dave went for a run, and when he got back he started working on putting cedar shingles on the shed.  E and I walked down to the library and got some food.  Then we went to the playground for a bit.  I read my library book while E played.  It was very relaxing and I loved how shady it was.

Climbing to the top of the rock wall

I was a spotter, but he got to the top all by himself.

Our locally purchased lunch, from the corn to the ham in the sandwiches.  

We were having people over for supper so after lunch I set to work getting things ready for our meal. We served tacos - with choice of toppings steak, chicken, shrimp, and grilled vegetables, along with the other typical taco items.  This was a pretty easy meal to make ahead of time.  I also made sangria.

The aftermath of the freshly squeezed juice for the sangria.

I forgot to take pictures of the whole spread, but this is everyone helping themselves.  

On Sunday morning, I went for a run.  Dave started work on the shed again.  E and I watched some TV and I cleaned up a bit from the night before.  Then we walked down the street to get some lunch, buy our groceries for the week, and do another round at the playground.  After we got back, my friend from high school who lives in Ottawa came by for a quick visit.  

The worksite

Lunch at Bread and Roses Bakery.  I had a BLT and E had roast beef.  They were both good but really you could put anything between prices of fresh bread (lightly toasted) and it would be amazing. 

Thank goodness we had an extra day to rest up.  I love holiday Monday bonus days.  We "slept in" (E got up at 7:45), and then after Dave's run, we went to Home Depot.  As with any home renovation project, you can't just go to get supplies once, it always seems to be necessary to go back to Home Depot.  

This was his face when I asked if I could take his picture.

Apparently he was just mad he hadn't had time to make his signature face.

We had thought about biking down to Sunnyside pool to swim and get some lunch at the pavilion, but we were tired so instead we tried a nice restaurant in our neighbourhood.  We went to Bryden's.  Some of our neighbours had said it was great but we had yet to try it.  We were actually pretty impressed.  They had a great selection of local beers on tap, a small but tasty menu, and a very friendly vibe.  We will be back for sure.

For those listeners of This American Life, you'll recognize this as one of their sponsors ("Keeping the pub in public radio").

Chicken Parm Sandwich,  very tasty.

When we got back Dave kept working on the shed (with the Blue Jays game playing on the iPad), and I read for a bit in my hammock.  E watched some Bob the Builder, but I don't think he was complaining.

Then I made some tea biscuits and we enjoyed some strawberry shortcake after our dinner.

Thankfully this is a four day week, and I'm taking a half day on Wednesday to attend a funeral, so this week should be a fairly easy one, at least I hope so!!

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  1. Another great weekend! Those tea biscuits sure look good! Have you posted that recipe?