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Show and Tell Tuesday

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Today's topic is high school.

Of course my high school was before social media (and thank goodness for that!) and before selfies and digital cameras.  I looked back at some of my photos, but hardly any of them actually had me in them.  I'll warn you now, I had a perm for most of high school and I had glasses.  We basically wore jeans and t-shirts everyday, usually with a loon or other animal on them.  I remember getting Nike tear-away pants and an XL Nike hoodie when I was in senior high and thought I was pretty great, haha.

This is me in grade 7. I think that is a Hypercolor shirt, remember those?!

Grade 9 picture, that's an actual Northern Reflections shirt.  The colours were forest green, burgundy and white.  And I'm pretty sure I had the forest green jeans to go with it. 

I grew up in a small town.  We had one school for Grades 7 to 12, so we would refer to Junior High (Grade 7 to 9) and Senior High (Grade 10 to 12).  We had one gym and no cafeteria (although we had a lunch lady who prepared food in the Home Ec kitchen to sell (pizza pockets, subs, Chinese Food sometimes).  

Here is a picture of (pretty much) my entire school from when I was in Grade 12:

Some random things about me in high school:

- I was in French Immersion.  In Junior High that meant we took all of our classes except English, Gym, and Home Ec/Industrial Arts in French.  In Senior High we only took 4 classes in French

- I had the same group of friends all through high school.  I don't keep in touch with everyone now as much as I'd like, but thanks to Facebook I have a good idea of what most people are up to

- We had four organized sports - soccer, basketball, badminton, and track and field.  I did track in Junior High and played soccer in Senior High.

Blurry picture I'm in the front on the left.  This was Grade 11.

- Our school colours were gold and blue; our mascot was the Rebel.  He was basically Yosemite Sam.  He used to have guns in the pictures but they took those away.  See the Rebel costume above in the soccer picture.

- I lived across the street from the school in grade 7 so I could walk to school.  We moved in grade 8 so my mom drove me to school and then I would walk home.

- I ran the canteen for a couple of years.  That meant I was in charge of ordering the food, scheduling the workers, being open for basketball games and dances, and counting the money. 

- I watched a lot of Senior Boys Basketball games. 

- I watched a lot of WB shows (Dawson's Creek, Felicity, Buffy, etc.) and obsessed over the characters (mainly Pacey), and this was kind of my "thing".

- Our French Immersion class went on trips each year.  They were pretty simple but we loved them - Briar's Island for whale watching, Ste. Anne University, and Moncton.  We had some really great teachers that did a lot of extra things for us and I'm sure we did not appreciate it as much as we should have at the time, but I do now. 

- I got to go to Encounters with Canada one year.  This was a program where high school kids from across Canada stayed in Ottawa and did a themed program for a week. The people from the Maritimes got to take the train, and we stayed in a dormitory, visited the Parliament Buildings, and went shopping.  My theme of the week was "Law".  

- I still have the three tables I made in Industrial Arts.  

- I was a pretty good student and graduated 4th in my class.  

I loved high school. I have nothing but good memories.  I know it wasn't perfect but for the most part I loved it all.  I remember being so sad when it was time to go to university, and even though I loved that too, and law school, and my life here, I guess I knew it was the "end of an era" which is a cliche but it was true. 

My grad photo



Thanks for joining on me on this little walk down memory lane.  I could go on and on and share many more happy memories.  

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