Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Fitness Routine

Okay, enough of this hibernation that has taken hold of me since Christmas, it is time to make a plan and put together a workout routine.  I have a lot of excuses for not working out yet:

Our basement is under construction so I haven't wanted to work out in the dust.

It is too cold to run outside.

It is too dark and cold in the morning to get out of bed before I have to.

I'm waiting for the yoga studio to open by my house.

and the most accurate excuse of all, I don't want to.

To that, my reasonable self replies:

I can workout in the living room, and I've asked Dave to set up his bike so I can watch TV while exercising.

It's not always too cold, Dave does it all the time.

I can also work out in the evenings.

The yoga studio will open soon, but even when it does, that won't be the only workout solution so I still need to get into the habit of doing other things.

Too bad. 

I'm taking a page out of Jillian's book to get motivated to work out, see her blog post about that here.  My favourite tip of hers is to schedule your work out time.  When you know it's coming up, then you're less likely to back out. When I knew I was going to run every other day in the summer, I was able to plan ahead for my run even when I knew I had an early morning meeting or an event in the evening.  

I will also start small, so I'm going to plan week by week and changing it up each day.

Today - Evening - Dave can take E to swimming and I can come home early.  Supper will be ready in the slow cooker so I will have at least 45 minutes to work out before they get home.  

Thursday - Morning - Bike - Workout with weights and kettle bell

Friday - Evening - Countdown Workout

Saturday - Morning - Skiing 

Sunday - Afternoon - Skating or run outside

Monday - Evening - Bike while watching The Bachelor

Tuesday - Morning - A workout from my Women's Health magazine that I got in my stocking. 

Now to put these in calendar so I can keep these appointments with myself.

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  1. Sounds like a great plan! Lots of variety! And setting it up as an appointment with yourself is smart. Have fun with it.