Monday, January 25, 2016

Weekend Recap

 We are getting into a bit of a routine for skiing and this week we got there in lots of time and didn't forget anything.  Next week we may attempt a coffee/hot chocolate by the fire in the lodge before starting our day.  It was cold but we were ready to go.

All the layers.

Beautiful day with lots of snow and sunshine.  Best conditions so far this year. 

After E's lessons, we took him up on the chair lift with us, and then Dave took him one more time.  He's pretty good but you can't help but picture him flying into the woods when he gets going too fast. Then we headed inside to get some lunch before going home.
E had been invited to a friend's house for the afternoon so Dave and I got to go to the movies!! We saw Star Wars in 3D.  Dave saw it last month but this was my first time seeing it.  It was good and it was a treat to go out for a movie date.

Why is the theatre always freezing?!

So needless to say we were all tired on Saturday night, E went to bed as soon as we got home, and then Dave and I watched a couple of episodes of The Wire.  We are into the second season now. 

On Sunday morning, we followed our usual pattern of pancakes and TV.  I planned our menu for the week, Dave got ready for his run and then E and I went to church.  After lunch Dave went out with some friends to watch football (Go Anyone but the Patriots Broncos!) and attend the Raptors game.  E and I walked over to the neighbourhood park to skate.  It was nice to be able to walk to this little rink and the neighbourhood volunteers are doing a great job!
Because we walked I didn't bring a chair for him to hold on to, but he doesn't really need it.  Slowly but surely he makes it around the ice and is learning how to keep his balance. 

Also encouraging him to get up on his own, although I lent him a hand most of the time. 

Yay for being outside!

After skating and groceries we hung out on the couch and watched several episodes of Daniel Tiger's Neighbourhood.  E had a cough all day and I could tell he was tired so he went to bed very early with medicine, Vicks, and humidifier.  He didn't even ask for a story. 

Then I watched some TV, made some suppers for the week, and folded laundry.

Ingredients for meat sauce for a lasagna. Not shown, the bacon, because why wouldn't you include bacon in lasagna?!

Have a good week everyone!

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