Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesday - An Introduction

Linking up with Andrea for a new year of Show and Tell Tuesday.  There are some neat topics coming up.

Today's topic is an introduction of ourselves. Here is a little bit about my family and me and what you'll find on this blog.

My name is Sarah.  I am married to Dave.  My son is E (he has a full name, obvs, and we don't call him E in real life, but I don't like to use his full name here on a regular basis so that people can't Google it and find their way to the blog, not sure if the would even work, but I don't want to take the chance).  I also don't use my last name and I try not to post photos of our home address.  

I have been blogging since August of 2014.  I was a fan of a number of blogs and figured it was something that I could do too.  It is also a great way to keep in touch with friends and family that live away.  (I think) I have two groups of people who read this blog - friends of mine who link to it from Facebook and those who I don't know that occasionally click over through a linky party.   This is a small blog, I don't get tons of views everyday and I haven't caught the attention of any sponsors who want to send me free things (not that I'm looking for that, the point being that there are definitely some "influencers" out there and I am not one of them).

For the benefit of those who don't know me personally, I am originally from a small town in Nova Scotia (which is a province on the East Coast of Canada).  I attended Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, where I got an Advanced Major in English.  Then I went to law school at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, New Brunswick (another province, above Maine).  After law school, I did a year of articling (which is like an internship for lawyers) in Saint John, New Brunswick.   Dave and I were dating at that time, and he got a job up in Toronto, Ontario.  We decided that we would both move up and try living in a new city.  If we didn't like it we could always move back East.  He moved up first, and when I finished my articling year I moved up too.  We bought a house and got engaged shortly after moving up and decided we would stay for awhile.  I have been with the same firm since we moved here and practice corporate/commercial law (which means anything related to businesses, nothing personal like divorce, being terminated from a job, personal injury, criminal, or buying a house).

Dave is also from Nova Scotia and went to school in Halifax. We met through mutual friends and started dating in the summer before our 5th year of undergrad (yes, we both did 5 years of undergrad, all of the cool kids were doing it!).  Dave is "so funny" (I am using quotes because this is what I hear from everyone after they meet him, i.e. "Your husband is so funny".  Interestingly, this is also how I heard about him before I met him, "My friend Dave, he's so funny").  He has worked in sales since he graduated and he is well suited to that.  He likes to keep busy by running, working on DIY projects around our house (it was built in 1928 and needs some love), and looking after us.  

In 2011, we had E.  He is four now and goes to Junior Kindergarten. He is a really good kid (even if we feel like we are always after him for not listening, but I think this is a common problem with 4 year olds).  He is easy going when it comes to eating food, meeting new people and trying new experiences.  He loves being read to, singing, doing puzzles, and creating things at his art table. He is taking skiing and swimming lessons this winter and he's learning how to skate (with me as his teacher, good luck).  It is fun watching him discover new things and wondering what his passions will be as he grows up.  He also likes being silly and making people laugh (he is his father's son). 

(And since you're probably wondering, we would like to have another child, it just hasn't happened yet.)

My interests include:

Watching TV (mostly Netflix, HBO and sports)

Drinking coffee (I only started drinking coffee on a regular basis after E was born, but now I cannot live without.  Seriously can't, I will get a very bad headache if I don't have coffee.)

Travelling (we recently went to Barcelona)

Trying new recipes (and repeating old favourites)

Enjoying food and cocktails at fun restaurants (I am one of those people who takes pictures of their food and drinks, although I try to keep it to a minimum level of obnoxiousness)

Reading (I am constantly reading something: books, magazines, blogs, shared links on social media)

Playing Piano (I have my grandfather's old piano and I enjoy sitting down to play; I don't play as much as I'd like, but it is a really nice thing to have.  Hopefully E will want to take lessons someday)

This is why you should read my blog on a regular basis:

- I live in Toronto, Canada.  Although there are many Canadian bloggers who do what I do, I would say the vast majority are in the United States so I offer a different perspective than what some of you may be used to.  

- I post every weekday so you know you'll find something new when you visit.  

- I am fairly mainstream when it comes to my likes - TV shows, movies, music, and books - you will probably have something in common with me.

- Food is a constant feature of the blog. If you also like food, then we can be friends.

- I can occasionally go on rants about things, and they are usually fairly brief, but maybe you'll see a new side of an argument if you read them. 

Thanks for visiting today, it's nice to meet you; please leave a comment and come by again.

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  1. And may I add......You have a beautiful soul, Sarah, which shines through in your smile and your words. You are compassionate, generous and a wonderful, loving daughter, wife, mother and friend to many. Thanks for writing your blog and sharing your life.

  2. so glad to have met you! this is such a great post! hope you check my blog out as well!

  3. Loved getting to know you more! I have a friend who was born & raised in Nova Scotia!
    Here is my intro post: