Thursday, January 21, 2016

Healthy Eating

I read something the other day that when you want to be healthy and lose weight that exercise is only 20% and eating is 80%.  I can't remember where I read it, so I can't back this statement up with any sort of authority, but to follow up on my post yesterday, here are some "rules" for eating I made up a few years ago that I'm going to try and employ over the next few weeks (as an aside, these rules were in a notebook I had when E was first born and I had to keep track of breastfeeding and dirty diapers.  There were also lists of things to do and packing lists for our trips that first year.  Memories!  End aside):

Eat only things that have some nutritional benefit.  That basically means don't eat processed food, etc.

No butter on bread or toast.

Drink only water, milk or coffee with milk (no sugar or cream in coffee).  Drink lots of water.

No cookies, cake, or chips.  Permitted treats are plain popcorn and small dark chocolate squares.

No beer or mixed drinks.  Wine only and limit number of glasses.

Breakfast choices - Ryvita crackers with natural peanut butter, fruit, protein shakes, eggs, oatmeal with nuts and fruit.

Lunch - Eat smaller portions. Bring healthy snacks like fruit and nuts so I won't come home starving in the evenings.  If eating out, replace french fries with salad, or no side at all.

Supper - Make food from scratch, limit high calorie sauces, cheese, etc.  Eat meatless meals at least once a week.  Eat a lot of vegetables.

Limit nighttime snacking, drink tea or hot water with lemon and ginger instead.

See also this post about my review of the documentary Fed Up and some other healthy eating choices.


  1. Here are some of my "rules" ... Do not eat food you do not really like just because they are "healthier, ie lower in fat. Take time to eat and be present, ie slow down, pay attention and enjoy (which can be hard to do if you are eating at your desk and doing something else while eating, or watching TV or making sure your child is eating! Not always possible, I know.) And choose what you restrictions, but keep portions smaller for foods higher in calories. Enjoy each bite! Eat when you are hungry, eat to satisfy your hunger but not so much that you feel over full. And my rule for night, due to reflux, which makes it easier, is no food after 8:00 pm. Good luck with your healthy eating goals. You will do well.

    1. In that same vein, if you're going to eat something "unhealthy" make sure you're enjoying it at least. I have been known to mindlessly snack on a flavour of chips I don't like, or eat a slice of pizza that isn't that great.