Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Let's Talk - January

Here is a new link up series where we talk about different things each month... 

This will usually be on the last Monday of each month but this month it is on Tuesday because of scheduling reasons.  See the list of what we'll be chatting about this year.

This year, instead of making some general resolutions, I'm going to set monthly goals that centre around being organized, connecting with friends and family, and our health.  You can see my January goals here.  I will follow up with my progress as the end of each month.  

Usually resolutions are centred around More and Less:

healthy eating, exercise, family time, organization, sleep, water, playdates, kindness, prayers

yelling, alcohol, TV, work, social media, wasting time, negativity

Regardless of all of the improvements that we could be making, I think it's still important to take it easy on yourself.  It is sort of cliched but it still works, "to everything there is a season" (Pete Seeger or Ecclesiastes, whichever you prefer).  Sometimes you will be really good at spending time with certain people, and sometimes you'll go awhile without seeing or talking to them; sometimes you'll hit your stride with organizing your life, and other times everything will seem like a struggle.  If you keep it in mind that "this too shall pass" you'll both appreciate the good seasons, and also feel better about the bad seasons. 

I'm looking forward to both improving myself but also being comfortable with who I am. 


  1. Good advice...to take it easy on yourself. And when those things you want to happen less, like yelling, happen perhaps take a moment to reflect on it. Maybe your body or mind is telling you it is time to slow down and take some pressure off. Or maybe, watching TV or wasting time is really a form of relaxation or distraction from your busy life. Give yourself permission to do nothing! Or do something just for yourself. Whatever that is. You are one of God's own, just as you are!