Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekend Recap

I did a bad job of taking pictures on Friday night and Saturday so this post is a little heavy on the Sunday pictures. 

On Friday night we went over to our friends' house for dinner because our friend Jonathan from PEI was in town.  It was a very nice visit with some good friends, plus I got to bounce a 10 week old baby for a little bit which was lovely. 

We got up early on Saturday for our second week of skiing.  We arrived on time but then realized we had forgotten to bring E's snow pants!! But crisis averted, Snow Valley rents snow pants so we got him a pair and he was up on the hill, no harm done. It was colder this week but more runs were open. The parents of kids that E knows in his class skied with us this week.  

This is my one picture from skiing. 

After we got home from skiing we watched a little bit of TV/I napped on the couch and then I went to pick up our food for the week.   We had wings and onion rings for supper. 

Tasty beer just for me :)

Puzzle time

Our fruit crisp for dessert - I used up the rhubarb, frozen berries and apples


Then after E went to bed, I tortured myself by watching the Green Bay game.  So close!

Sunday morning, new flowers on the table.  I like to buy flowers but I don't get them too often.  These tulips opened up nicely.

My favourite type of breakfast - orange, chocolate loaf from Hot Oven Bakery, fresh grapefruit and hot coffee in my new mug.

Dave went for a long run and then E and I headed off to church.
Changing his shoes before the service.

Selfie after church while waiting for my meeting to begin.

After church and my meeting, we went to High Park for their Winter Fun Day.  Even when (or maybe especially when) it is cold out, I love having a reason to be outside.  

Since I'm usually taking all of the pictures, I like to take selfies to make sure I'm included.

Roasting a marshmallow in winter is the best

Crafts in the Coach House at Colbourn Lodge.  This is a bird feeder.  

Then he made a fuzzy sheep with real fleece.

Colouring and singing away to himself

Hot apple cider by the fire.

Finding a path through the woods.

Still here!

After the park, we went up to the Junction so I could look at glasses.  I didn't find any though, I think I'll just buy the ones I saw last week.  When we got home, we did a few loads of laundry, and played. I made these trucks with the Magformers while E made a car track. 

I made French Onion Soup for supper, and then it was off to bed for E.  We watched Peyton move onto the next round, and then some of The Wire (I think we are finally into it, it only took 3.5 episodes of me falling asleep halfway through), and Downton Abbey of course.

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