Monday, January 4, 2016

Weekend Recap

Here we are, somewhat back to normal after a busy and yet leisurely December.  I will be recapping our Christmas in two parts later this week, but for now, our New Year's Eve and weekend.

We flew back from Nova Scotia on Wednesday night and we were tired.  We took it easy on New Year's Eve day with an egg sandwich and coffee breakfast.

On Thursday Dave and I both did some work from home and then E and I braved the grocery store and liquor store.  They were both so busy and we had a few talks about parking lot safety that day.  Dave went to get his haircut and I made an appetizer to take over to our friends' place, roasted tomatoes and mozzarella on a baguette. I will have to share this recipe another time, it was a hit that night, as it always is.

When Dave got back, we walked over to our friends' for supper.  They have two children, one E's age and he was spending the night there while Dave and I went to a party.  The parents (our friends) invited us over too for some Queen Margherita pizza and an early countdown with the kids before we went out.  It was a really nice evening and we were thankful for the friendly conversation and favour of looking after E for the night.

Then Dave and I took the subway to Mark and Marion's for their annual New Year's Eve party with all of the fixings - oysters, champagne, smoked salmon, cookies and cake.  Oh yes, and the company was great too, especially once the dance party got underway.  After a quick stop at the Dundas West Station McDonalds, we were home.

The next day (Friday) I walked over to pick up E and then we watched a few movies and rested on the couch until lunchtime.  After lunch, E and I went out in search of an outdoor rink.  We found one at the Humber Valley Rink that had nice indoor area to put on your skates.  After waiting for the zamboni to scrape the ice (apparently you don't flood the ice when it is snowing), we did a few rounds with E's chair.  He had a good time and was able to skate a bit on his own (holding the chair).

Any good outing always includes a trip to Starbucks

When we got home I made a delicious Jamie Oliver pasta for supper. Then after the Raptor game we watched two episodes of Making a Murderer on Netflix and folded a lot of laundry.

Can barely see him over the pile of laundry

On Saturday I managed to sleep in a little bit (8:00) and then got up to go for a quick run down to High Park and back.  It was cold but not as cold as I was anticipating so I was actually too hot.  When I got back, we went to The Drake for brunch.  Walking into a warm brunch spot brings me great joy.  I had the Almond Nutmeg Maple Latte and the Mushroom and Kale Eggs Benny.  Dave had the Chicken and Waffles with cherry jam and whipped cream.  E had the Little Drake, which is a perfect little breakfast for kids for only $6.  And to make it even better, I had a gift card to use from my birthday.

After brunch we went out to Centennial Park to get E fitted for his skis.  I'm not sure when the lessons will actually start since there is no snow on the hill now, but hopefully in the next couple of weeks.  Apparently for this level, the parents are to wear their skis too and go up the top of the hill with the kids.  This is different from last year when we just wore our winter boots and walked up and down the bunny hill with them.

Then we watched the World Junior's game where Canada lost to Finland (insert sad face) and I actually crashed on the couch; I guess that run wore me out.

We had a productive afternoon of taking down the Christmas decorations and lights.  Dave also did bit of work down in the basement.

Helping to unplug the lights, he's fine though.

I enjoyed the lights on the tree one last time and read my book and drank some wine.

On Sunday, we slept in and then while E watched Frozen, I finished my book.  Then we set to work taking out the Christmas tree and cleaning the entire main floor.  It was nice to get everything somewhat back to normal, although it always seems like there are things to put away and organize.  I took some pictures just to prove it was clean at one point.

We set up a little corner for E's toys.

After the grocery store and a quick stop by the park, we came home for tea, popcorn and basketball.  Cozy.

For supper I made two pizzas  - BBQ turkey (to use up the turkey) with green peppers and mushrooms, and a caramelized onion, prosciutto, pear and brie pizza (to use up some brie we had).  They were both very tasty.  

On Sunday night we watched more Making a Murderer (we are obsessed!) and were very excited for Downton Abbey.

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