Monday, July 23, 2018

4 year Blogiversary

At the end of this month I will have been blogging for four years!! I want to thank you, my loyal readers, for checking in with me each day.  With the odd break here and there for a holiday, I have posted something each day Monday to Friday.  Sometimes I have a prompt like a link up on Fridays or Wednesdays, and my usual weekend recaps, and usually I don't have a problem thinking of post ideas and getting them written, but there are times when I have to make something up on the fly.

I am constantly trying to think of ideas, take enough photos, and then take the right photos (not just all Q or all E, getting photos of Dave and me, etc.).  I use this blog as a way to remember our days, especially the small things, and also keep friends and family updated on our lives, but I also like to speak about things that are important to me and share my opinions.  I sometimes use this place as a way to think through big complicated things where I'm trying to work out what I think. 

Thanks for stopping in whenever you can!


  1. I sure do enjoy your blogs! Thank you!

  2. Happy blogiversary!! You are so diligent with the blogging-- unlike me LOL!! Enjoy getting to know you and your sweet family!