Monday, July 16, 2018

Little Things - Part 15

Celebrating the little things that are really the big things when you think about it.

Kiddie Pools - When the weather is hot we like to get the kiddie pool out, although mostly it is just used for filling water guns, it is so nice to have some relief from the heat.

Karaoke - Our office building complex had its annual BBQ last week and they always have karaoke.  I love watching karaoke, it is always entertaining.  Either people are horrible (mostly) or surprisingly good, but if the song is good, it doesn't matter, it's great.  I had so much fun watching someone rap to Shaggy in "Angel" and do the Backstreet Boys.

Bike Ride - For the past two Saturdays I biked to my workout class early in the morning.  It is so nice to get outside and be active.

Driving with the windows down - I absolutely love having the windows down when I'm driving, with some good music blasting, and singing along.  I know it is hot out, but I'd rather be a little warm and enjoy the weather than blast the air conditioning all of the time.

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