Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Kids Games

Some games and toys we are currently enjoying at our house, nothing ground breaking but fun:

Uno - I played this as a kid, as I'm sure many people did.  It is basically Crazy 8s (which we are also playing with regular jumbo Paw Patrol cards) which makes it pretty easy but still requires some strategy.

Catan Junior - I think I've mentioned this game before, Dave's sister gave it to E for Christmas and he has really caught onto it.

Water Fights - We did this a few weeks ago and then again on Sunday.  Aside from getting sprayed in the ear or face with water, everyone enjoys it, even Q.  If you just fully commit to getting wet, then it's not that bad.  We have some Nerf water guns but a bucket works just as well.

Sidewalk Chalk - I bought a huge container of sidewalk chalk a couple of years ago but it has lasted for awhile since no one plays it for too long.  E likes to use a paint brush and water for different effects; Q just makes a few lines and then gets distracted by something else.  I drew out a hopscotch on the weekend and it was funny to watch E "play hopscotch".

I find E goes through stages where he can be obsessed with playing a certain game on the iPad or begging to watch TV, and then other times he is keen to play games and read books.  This week he seems focused on the latter (although with some screen time).

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