Friday, July 6, 2018

Friday Favourites

With school over last week, summer has officially started.  We have been enjoying some hot temperatures this week.  I love this type of weather so I'll take it as long as we can get it.  

E attended a theatre camp this week.  He thought it was fun and liked that he had some friends there (our neighbour and his younger brother), but I don't know if he would go back next year.  I think he prefers to be running around outside.  

In the summer, I always feel like anything goes for treats.  I posted about my favourite summer treats yesterday.  On Monday before I dropped E off at camp, we had a few extra minutes so we walked over to the Starbucks so I could get an iced tea lemonade and I also got a cake pop for E.   

We have been watching Wimbledon this week in the morning. We typically do not watch TV before school since we are just trying to get out the door, but since camp does not start until 9:00 then we have some extra time.  Next week we will be onto the Tour de France. 
A little throw back to my favourite - Petey!

I have talked about E's Garmin Jr. watch before.  He uses it to tell time, set timers, and track his activity level.  It also has a feature where you can assign chores and tick them off each day.  Since we want to work on E's reading and writing this summer, I thought about making a chart where we could track this but then I remembered this feature on the watch and am using this instead.  He has 6 things he has to do each day - Brush teeth twice, floss, make his bed, read (one French book and one English book), and write something (like a sentence or two about what he is doing and then draw a picture, like a journal).  Bonus "love you points" as well!  He has been doing well so far this week and diligently attends to his tasks so he can get all of the points. 

Read my monster post about our camping trip here.  We went to Sandbanks Provincial Park and made some memories.

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  1. We've been having quite a heatwave here too! We spent lots of time in the water this week. Theater camp sounds like fun but my boys definitely prefer being outside running around.