Friday, July 20, 2018

Friday Favourites

Another beautiful summer week.  Let's kick off today's post with this silly guy.  E has enjoyed two full weeks at Humriva Eco Camp (a city camp held on the banks of the Humber River).  They did two field trips, swam three times at an outdoor pool, had a campfire, learned archery, played Capture the Flag, sang songs, and made crafts.  

I had lunch with a colleague at Reds this week (the Square One location) and we both designed our own Gin and Tonics.  I picked the raspberries, cacao nibs, and cardamon pods to accompany my Tanqueray Rangpur gin.  So refreshing.

I had a meeting downtown on Wednesday morning so I took the opportunity to meet a friend for coffee before heading back to the office.  We met at Pilot Coffee Roasters at First Canadian Place.  I love a good Americano. I also picked up a delicious vegan Caesar salad to take with me for lunch.  Plus had a nice visit with a friend of course!

If you're looking for a fun beach read, get this one. 

Q had costume day at school this week.  I gave him the fire fighter jacket and hat to wear.  He wasn't too keen on it at home but when he got to school, he decided to try them on.

I ordered some new sneakers for the boys from The Shoe Company this week.  I usually find what I want here, and they often have good deals (like two pairs for Q and one for E for $90).  And if you need to return them, you can easily go to any retail store and do it. 

New haircut for E, inspired by a kid at his camp this week. 

Dave suggested one of our favourite spots for supper on Thursday night and I could not say no.  We love QMP

Happy Friday!


  1. I love E's haircut. My son would love that. I love "When Life Gives you Lulu Lemons". Such a great summer read. Happy Friday!

  2. So much fun! I have got to try that new restaurant. And of that haircut totally makes you the coolest mom around LOL