Monday, July 2, 2018

July Vacation Link Up

1.  Will you go on a summer vacation this year?
Yes, we are going to Nova Scotia for a week to spend some time in Halifax with my family and in Cape Breton with Dave's family.

2. Do nothing but relax or a pack it all in vacation?
I like both kinds. Even when we are on a pack it all in vacation, we still take some time to chill out in our hotel room and watch a few shows or read. 

3.  What month do you like to vacation?
We have typically gone away in May or October.  Summer in Toronto is so nice we don't like to leave here for too long then. 

4. Cruise: Yes or No?
We went on a cruise in 2011 with my parents and grandparents and it was the perfect trip to do with that group of people.  I have not been keen to go on another cruise since then, but I'm sure we will do one someday.

5.  Favourite vacation tradition?
We have yet to visit the same place twice, so no traditions here.

6. Most memorable vacation? 
They are all great, but I will say Peru.  It was unlike anywhere I had ever been and hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu was a once in a lifetime experience.

7.  Pack light or pack it all?
Pack light.  I never wear all of the clothes I bring, so I am trying to get better at embracing "less is more".

8.  Hotel, Condo, or House?
If the kids are with us, it is always nice to have the extra space of a flat or house, but I do love a good hotel with all its amenities. 

9.  Favourite things to eat on vacation?
Whatever the local specialties are.  Jerk chicken in Jamaica, Guinness in Dublin, fidua in Barcelona, lomo saltado in Peru, etc.  

10. Warm or cold destinations?
I definitely prefer warm. I love summer weather.

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