Friday, July 13, 2018

Friday Favourites

Another great week of weather here in Toronto, I love summer!

It was Crazy Hair Day at Q's school this week so I put some gel in his curls and this was the result.  #bighairdontcare

We had a nice night for soccer on Wednesday night, and although Q looks happy kicking this ball around, he wasn't overly thrilled to be up past his bedtime. 

After spending a few days at the beach without adequate shade coverage, Dave did some research and picked up this sunshade.  It can be propped up with the four poles, as shown here, or can be on a slant.  We have beach day planned for next week so we'll see how it goes.  It folds up nice and small which was important to us, we have enough stuff to lug around with us, we didn't want a huge umbrella or tent.

As we continue to encourage E with his reading, he went fishing for sight words from the tree house this week.  I wrote out a bunch of sight words last year on construction paper and cut them out and attached a big paper clip to them.  Then we tied a magnet to the end of his fishing rod and put the words on the ground to pick up.  

A client invited me to go kayaking with his team this week. I have been wanting to do this since we moved to Toronto so I jumped at the chance.  We paddled down the Humber River and saw lots of different birds.  It was such a lovely day.  Although the cost of canoes/kayaks/paddleboards can be a little pricey, I would still recommend going.  If we can fit it in this summer, we will get a canoe one day and take the boys.  It's one thing to go canoeing when we are camping, it's another to do it in your own neighbourhood.

The new Conservative government (I refuse to include the "Progressive" part of their name) in Ontario just decided to go back to the 1998 sex ed program which may as well be the dark ages (pre-legalization of same-sex marriage, pre-Google, pre-social media, no mention of consent, Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky were the headlines).  For those of you with kids in the Ontario school system, here is a link to the current curriculum that is being scrapped.  Take a look at it before they take it down, it has some good information.  
1998 Oscar Winners

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  1. So cute "crazy" hair! Nice photos on the Humber, especially the last one with the clouds.