Monday, October 17, 2022

COVID thoughts

For awhile I honestly haven't thought that much about COVID.  We took our masks off as soon as the province said we could, and when you could finally go maskless in airports and on airplanes.  We were done with the masks, done!! We kept pretty healthy and even a few summer colds never really amounted to anything.  I knew we would get our boosters in the fall, similar to what we do with flu shots, and those boosters will be procured in the next week or so, with the flu shots to follow in November, but for the most part COVID is finally not a central thought of my life.  

Now that fall is here and people are inside more, I hear more people talking about it.  I'm not unsympathetic to their concerns but I feel as though I can't relate.  Maybe that is naive but it's how I feel.  I am cautious of getting sick, but I'm not afraid of COVID, and now since the same restrictions aren't in place about isolating, etc., then I know that even if we do get sick, it will be manageable.  We are behaving the same way we used when fall colds came around - being mindful of when sore throats start, trying to get extra rest and Vitamin C, getting out the humidifiers, and making hot toddies at night time. 

Now I've heard a couple of people suggest that we should all go back to wearing masks when indoors and the then schools will probably be bringing back mask mandates.  I am not in favour of that.  I know many people are donning their masks again but to what end?  Is it just for the fall/winter? For the rest of our lives? What? 

I'm not sure if any provincial government or municipality would entertain a mask mandate or lockdown measures again, I can't imagine that the majority of people would be supportive of that. 

Anyway, just checking in on this - are you feeling like you need to put your mask back on?  Is your level of concern greater than it was in the summer or have you moved on like me?

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  1. From the 14th of October we no longer have to isolate if we test positive for covid. There are no mask rules and everything now feels "normal". I've stopped wearing a mask at preschool and we are all just doing what we would normally do to prevent getting sick like washing hands and asking parents to keep their kids home if they are unwell. I haven't had covid but my younger son and husband have. I feel the same as you about covid and I am cautious but not afraid anymore. I can't see us ever going into lockdown or having masks mandated again. Maybe we are feeling so relaxed about everything because we are heading into summer. Who knows what it will be like when it's our turn for winter again.