Thursday, October 13, 2022

Prayers on Thursday

We just celebrated Thanksgiving but I didn't get around to doing a post on all of the things I am thankful for so I'm doing that now along with a few prayers of petition (for specific people) and intercession (for the wider world).  I offer these prayers for things that are currently on my mind. 

Our good health
Loving family
Good food that we can afford
Cars that work and tanks full of gas
Our kids' safe school
Our peaceful and free country
The opportunity to travel and then return to a cozy home

People living with cancer or who are in remission
People who are awaiting a diagnosis
People who have new babies
People who need to re-budget because of inflation
People who feel lonely
People in jail
Adnan Syed
Hae Lee's family

Iranian Women
Pakistanis displaced and suffering due to the floods
Eastern Canadians and Floridians displaced and suffering due to the hurricanes
Hockey players who have suffered abuse
Indigenous families still dealing with the trauma of residential schools

Lord hear our prayer.