Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Weekend Recap

 We had an action packed weekend!   It was E's Birthday on Friday.  As per his request we had French toast. 

He had a great day celebrating his birthday at school with lots of well wishes.   

Q had skating.  We watched the zamboni make its rounds.

E waited with us until he had swimming.

Then we hit up Queen Margherita Pizza for E's birthday supper.  This place never disappoints.

Home for presents and cake.

The large boxes look impressive but it was just a Hush weighted blanket (and pillow, free with purchase of the blanket).  Maybe not as exciting as a toy but E does like the new blanket and pillow.

The new thing is pinching out the flames.

On Saturday morning I made E's birthday cake for his party.  I make Smitten Kitchen's recipe for cake (and used the chocolate recipe for Q's birthday party) and it is always so good. 

E had a rock climbing party at Boulderz.  Everyone did well with the climbing and had a good time.  I think we will have to go back for an afternoon sometime. 

Look how high!

Our crew

Lots of discussion while the kids enjoyed the pizza and cake (and the chips, cheezies, vegetables and fruit).  Dave commented, this is why the kids don't finish their lunch some days, too much chattering.

We got everyone home safely and then went to our neighbours' for a fire.

On Sunday I went to church with the boys while Dave tidied up the house.  His parents came in the afternoon and then we went to High Park for a walk.

I tried to get this blue jay that was ahead of us on the trail. 

I had been wanting to get some German food inspired by Oktoberfest so I found Otto's Bierhalle on Queen West.  It was a good find.  Schnitzel, spaetzel, pretzels, pickles, and beer - we were well fed. 

We were ready for bed when we got home!

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