Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Weekend Recap

Dave was lucky to golf on Friday for a tournament at Glen Abbey.  The colours were beautiful!

E had swimming and and Q had skating after school.  Then we walked down to the river where some friends were having a bonfire. You can reserve the fire pit with the city.  It was great to chat with the other parents while the kids ran around with glow sticks.

Dave's parents arrived on Friday evening to spend Thanksgiving weekend with us.  

Dave golfed on Saturday morning and so we went for a walk.  The weather was beautiful.

Q wanted his photo on our front step with our skeleton.

Q had swimming lessons so I took him to that and then we stopped in at Mastermind to use some of his birthday money.

Meanwhile Dave and his dad were working on changing the brakes on the car with E's help.

And Q and I made cookies.

He wanted to make pumpkins and bats but we couldn't find those cookie cutter shapes we we used a "Q" and a moustache and those worked out just fine.

We won't talk about that Blue Jays game on Saturday night...

In the morning we watched the F1 race and were happy to see Max clinch his second championship.  Then we went to church. 

Dave's parents took the kids for a long walk in the afternoon while I got the turkey dinner prepared.  They came back with this bouquet.

Dave and E took apart his Rubik's cube and Q worked on his new sticker book. 

It turned out pretty well, especially with all of the herbs from our garden.

So good!

We watched Hocus Pocus 2 that night and after Q went to bed, we watched the first episode of the new Lord of the Rings show. Both were really good.

On Monday morning Dave went golfing again. I tidied up the kids' dresser drawers and the rest went for a bike ride.

I took Q to get his Halloween costume in the afternoon (Spirit Halloween was open at Square One), and then did a Peloton ride and helped myself to a beer on the way upstairs.

Dave golfed (again) with his dad and E in the afternoon, we had leftover turkey dinner for supper, and then watched a couple of shows before settling in for another week.

If you were celebrating Thanksgiving, I hope it was a good one!

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  1. That turkey dinner looks delicious! What a great idea to use a Q and a mustache for the cookies; they look just like pumpkins and bats.