Wednesday, October 12, 2022

How We Wednesday - Select Halloween Costumes

Hello! Today on "Let's Look" we are talking about how we choose Halloween costumes.  Now, Halloween costumes are not my strong suit. For myself personally, I don't really like dressing up and I find that Halloween sneaks up on me and I always seem to be scrambling to find something for the kids to wear.  That said, I love seeing what other people come up with for costumes and am always amazed by their creativity.  

So how do my kids select a costume?  It's not complicated over here, I either find out what they want to be and then try to find it myself at Spirit Halloween or order it on Amazon, or we wander through Spirit Halloween together trying to figure it out.  Speaking of Spirit Halloween, I saw this after the Queen died, and I had to laugh, they move fast!

Things you may hear me say while Halloween costume shopping:

How about this one? or this?  Pick something!!

No, that one is dumb, you can do better.  

That would be good but they don't have your size.  

That one isn't good for school, you can't take that weapon or wear that mask and no one will know who you are supposed to be.

Who are all of these characters?!

I am not ashamed to spend all of the money at this store to buy whatever accessories are required.  The kids have mostly opted for Marvel or Star Wars characters and E was Harry Potter one year. It is rare they are something twice, but that's okay, we just keep the costumes for random dress up time, usually when they have friends over. 

This year, Q knows what he wants to be so it was easy to pick up the various components (and it's not Marvel!!) but E does not know yet, so I'll take him back to the store to browse and pick something or see what we can get online. I have a few ideas I'm trying to convince him of.

A few costumes from years past:

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  1. All your kids costumes are great but I especially love the Star Wars ones!!

  2. Love looking back at these! That's pretty much how Halloween costumes went in our house too; I'd ask them what they wanted to be and we'd browse Amazon trying to find it for them.