Friday, October 7, 2022

Friday Favourites

For some reason I can't upload photos from my computer, but trust me, this is a Friday Favourites post! 

The kids had their first cross country meet since 2019 (and since Q was in daycare in 2019, this was his first cross country meet ever!).  I was away this week for work so I missed out but Dave was able to go up and see both of their races. 

Looks like it was a beautiful day!

Meanwhile I was pairing my new animal print sweater with a hi-vis vest and bump cap (a hard hat disguised as a baseball cap).  I was just doing a tour of our maintenance facility this time, not going underground.

I picked up these fun cookies for the boys.  There is no school tomorrow but Q will be at daycare so he can take it with him in his lunch box.

Our mums are doing well out front!

We will be cheering on the Jays this afternoon, although in the midst of swimming and skating and supper prep, who puts a game at 4:00 in the afternoon on weekday!?!  Always excited for post-season baseball.

Happy Thanksgiving!  
(That's right Americans, it is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada.)

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  1. The turkey cookies are just too cute! The flowers in the entrance look beautiful, what amazing colours. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving. I had never heard about Canadian Thanksgiving until a couple of days ago when I read all about the history of it on someone's blog. I hope you have a wonderful weekend celebrating.

  2. Enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend!!

  3. The turkey cookies are adorable, and I bet they are delicious too!