Friday, October 21, 2022

Happy 11th Birthday E!

Our "little guy" E is 11 today, and not so little anymore.  He is truly a great kid - always smiling and in a good mood, thoughtful, and easy going with few complaints.  We are so lucky he is ours!  He loves to make people laugh and tries to be tricky when telling stories or answering questions, but always in a good-natured way.  

He's pretty good at doing what he is told, even if it seems to take a bit longer than I would like, although my new tactic that prevents me from getting frustrated is to count to 30 after asking him something before asking again, he just runs on a slower clock than me and usually comes along eventually. 

It's fun to see how he's growing up, although not too quickly please!

Scroll down for the annual birthday quiz! 

(my comments in italics)

Favourite Colour

Favourite Stuffed Animal
Cuddly Pal

Favourite Thing to Sleep With
Cuddly Pal 
(he's still holding on strong!)

Favourite Fruit

Favourite Thing to Eat for Breakfast
On my birthday I want French Toast, but my favourite thing is pancakes or French toast.  What about birthday waffles (which is what I was planning to make)? No, I want French toast, we haven't had that in like three years. 

Favourite Thing to Eat for Lunch

Favourite Thing to Eat with Supper
Favourite Dessert
Pie, cake, basically anything with sugar in it

Favourite Drink
Mango Daquiri or anything from the non-alcoholic drink menu (see I told you he was funny)

Favourite Animal
Dogo, make sure you saw dogo with an o.

Favourite Book
Harry Potter.  I want to start a series called Spy School.

Favourite Song
I have three - Duck Song, the Duck Song 2, and the Duck Song 3.

Favourite Game
Exploding Kittens

Favourite Video Game
At the moment, Clash of Clans.

Favourite Sport
Golf (won't Dad be proud)

Favourite TV Show
Nothing at the moment

Favourite Movie
Ready Player One, Top Gun Maverick, and the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit ones.

Favourite Thing to do Outside
Wrestle Q, and I'll say something sentimental, play with friends

Best Friend
That's classified

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Someone who has a good life - job, house, not famous (he's concerned about assassins)

Anything else to share?
Yes, my favourite parent is...wait I'm thinking...has two kids, hahah. 

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