Monday, October 10, 2022

Not Just a Mom - How We Host


Hi Everyone! I'm still on my long weekend for Thanksgiving, but this is a perfect topic for the upcoming holiday season.  Today we are talking about how we host.  Check out the posts below to see what other people do and if you have a blog, please link up with us!

I'm cheating a bit since I've done a few posts over the years about how I like to host people in our home.  That is definitely something we missed during the pandemic, although we still managed to have people over outside for a fire or outdoor movie/sporting event. 

We have also invited people over for pizza night when Dave makes the pizza or some kids for movie night when everyone gets their own bowl of popcorn.

I think the most important thing is to provide plenty of food and drinks (although people never tend to eat and drink as much as you think they will) and to relax.  Your friends and family aren't really there to see your clean house (which is lucky because our house rarely is!), they are there to enjoy your company and hopefully have something good to eat.  It's the welcome feeling they will take away from the event. 

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  1. I love your little "bar" set up instead of the host making all the drinks

  2. I love your cheese board and bar! I totally agree that people never seem to eat as much as you think they will. I always over cater and then we have leftovers for days. So it's a good thing that my family like eating leftovers.

  3. Yes, we always have so much leftover afterwards and I always swear we'll cut back but then panic I won't have enough! LOL.

  4. You are right that people aren't coming over to see how clean your house is. They are there to spend time with you! I love how you tied bows on the wine bottles. What a cute little extra touch. Lauren, not Anonymous!

  5. I love all the photos! I agree about having plenty of food and drinks. I'd rather have to much than not enough. Plus, if there's leftover food, it's nice to have leftovers the next day or two.